Aug 07

Candidate Interview with Don Sexton

Interview with Don Sexton, Candidate for Northwest Columbia City Council

Why are you running for City Council?

I am running for the Northwest Columbia City Council seat because I believe very strongly in a representative government. Our elected officials work for and report to the citizens of our community, not the other way round.

Our elected officials must be visible and accessible. You cannot listen to our citizens if our citizens cannot find their representative. I will be a pro-active council member listening to and representing the Northwest District.

What is the single most important issue facing Columbia City today?

The single most important issue facing Columbia City is in two parts. First, we need planned, continued growth. This growth is necessary to create the proper tax base which will pay for the government services our citizens expect and deserve. Secondly, as our community grows, pressures will mount for additional items on the City Budget. To create an efficient and effective community it will be crucial for your government officials to closely monitor wasteful government spending. As your representative I will continually remind your government that it is YOUR money the City is spending.

Why are you a Republican?

I am a Republican because I believe in conservative Republican values. Fiscal responsibility is first and foremost in every taxpayer’s mind. This has always been part of the Republican philosophy. As a member of the Columbia City Common Council I will work tirelessly to eliminate wasteful spending. We need to remember the difference between what we want and what we need.

Do you have a favorite Columbia City hangout or restaurant?

Susie and I enjoy all the Columbia City restaurants because we are able to visit friends and acquaintances wherever we go.

You have been a community leader for many years. What are some of the groups and organizations that you’ve been part of in Columbia City?

I have been involved in the community because I believe our community involvement is a duty we owe as good citizens. I have served as President of the Columbia City Area Chamber of Commerce, as a Board of Director of the Chamber and as a member of the Chamber’s Finance/Budget Committee. I have also served as President of the Columbia City Rotary.

My government service has been on the Columbia City Common Council. While a member of the City Council I served as President of the City Council as well as on the Columbia City Planning Commission, the Board of Works and the City Budget Committee.

Who do you consider to be your hero?

My heroes are all those citizens who stand up for what they believe and are not afraid to voice an opinion.

Don Sexton is running for Columbia City Council in the Northwest District.


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